Il sogno (the dream), appArtengo Street Fest 2017, Stigliano, Italy

The work was realized on "appARTEngo street fest" in Stigliano, one of the most evocative regions of Italy, the Basilicata.

The beloved come in dream to the poet, hanging: in ecstasy, in an ethereal atmosphere that envelope the subject and the all staircase.

The cromaticity of the colours project on the steps, deep end and follow, step by step, who go up the stairs as far as the image of the hanging beloved; the entire work give you a sense of spiritual lightness, the same that feel the poet in his dream. 

The inclusion of the work In the urban and architectural context of the work represents an opportunity for social recovery and redemption of a degraded and little-visited place, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Stigliano.